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Actress name: Daisy Lynne
Movie Title: Daddy’s Sweetheart
Website and site: TabooHeat.com/Clips4Sale.com

Production date: 09/30/2017
Genre: all sex, blonde, blowjob, teen, cum in mouth, cumshot, facial, incest, father of daughter
Duration: 00:48:15

Description: Scene One: Daddy never knocks

Daisy is sleeping in her bed when she walks in. She hears his heavy footsteps enter her room. She thinks, if she will leave her alone. Buttresses and pull at her clothes. Her body exposed to her hands. If she just keeps pretending to sleep, he’ll leave her alone.

It is a way to get it. She feels like she’s going to rip apart. Daisy doesn’t know how to do it. Ooze inside her pussy. “This is our little secret”

Scene Two: Hurt Me daddy

Daisy just doesn’t want to go back home after school. Daisy to walk home. She tries to sneak up to her door. “Do you know what time it is! Stand up. ”He yells at her.

Daisy stands up for her shirt and bra. Tipsyenly kissing her body. It is thrown to the floor. With his cock As he fucks her Daisy shutters and cums in shame. Daddy’s punishment for her bright eyes.

Scene Three: Daddy’s Girl

Dad, in blue jeans & wife beater. Tipsy. Southern Accent, “Get in here, Daisy, right now.” “Heh?” She tries to explain that they were just talking. He yells at her and she bursts into tears. He says, “I know what you were doing. You’re a whore just like your mother.” He pulls off his belt She high steps it back; hesitating, ecting, etc. He gets her back hard and gets it hard. “He masturbates him … anyone …

Scene Four: Shutting my daughters mouth

He has a lot of fun to do. He pins her ass and bed How could she be so dumb? She knows her boy at school.

She whimpers her diving It is her cum. Dad’s cock pounding away at her hurts. She moans in frustration at being used like a fuck doll. Jerks his daddy Only daddy gets to fuck her face.

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[TabooHeat.com / Clips4Sale.com] Daisy Lynne (Daddy’s Sweetheart)

Date: November 13, 2018
Actors: Daisy Lynne